@f0x Those are extra fun when there are identical error messages in different parts of the source.

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>>>>> “If autism isn’t caused by environmental factors and is natural why didn’t we ever see it in the past?”

>>>>> We did, except it wasn’t called autism [ . . . ]

>>>> [ . . . ] “little Jonathan doesn’t talk but does a good job herding the sheep, contributes to the community in his own way, and is, all around, a decent guy.” [ . . . ]

>>> [ . . . ] The Myth of the Changeling child, a human baby apparently replaced at a young age by a toddler who “suddenly” acts “strange and fey” is an almost *textbook* depiction of autistic children. [ . . . ]

>> I think it’s worth noting that many like me, who are diagnosed with ASD now, would probably have been seen as just a bit odd in centuries past. [ . . . ]

>> [ . . . ] If I went back in time and lived on a farm somewhere, would anyone even notice there was anything odd about me? No police sirens, no crowded streets that go on for miles and miles, no flickery electric lights. Working on a farm has a clear routine. I’d be a badass at spinning cloth or churning butter because I find endless repetition soothing rather than boring.

>> [ . . . ] What I’m saying is that disability exists in the context of the environment. Our environment isn’t making people autistic in the sense of some chemical causing brain damage. But we have created a modern environment which is hostile to autistic people in many ways, which effectively makes us more disabled. [ . . . ]

> “How come nobody ever heard of ‘dyslexia’ until widespread literacy became a thing?”


@maartje Too suspicious. Almost like we're looking at an example screenshot.


@f0x nvm, found the thread. Glad you got lucky.


@f0x What happened 6 days ago?

@joepie91 Can confirm, Python is good.

I might be biased tho.

(yes that's me, probably in 1997)

@Dee The real crime is this being usb 2.0 in 2022. I had one of these 10 years ago I think. It worked perfectly fine.

Today, I learned to count.

Or, I learned how to trick a bunch of sand to pretend it's another bunch of sand that knows how to count.


@f0x Tell them a phone call will be €70/hour, rounded upwards.

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I wish Matrix was active enough and well-known enough that I could get local communities of non-tech people to switch.

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@f0x I tried that but only found something when I searched for "+glitch" :)

@f0x They do merge upstream changes which includes the version number itself. That and the `+glitch` suffix come from github.com/glitch-soc/mastodon

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@f0x @joepie91 Days only? I've been there for close to a full week now.

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pls boost this status. there's a weird gts concurrency bug and i'm trying to narrow it down with some extra debug code in place, but i think i need to stress this instance to actually trigger it

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